Our Aim

Clinical CPD™ aims to help healthcare practitioners in the United Kingdom to enhance their clinical competence, minimise risk and improve patient outcomes. We provide online continuing professional development courses that are engaging, clinically useful and easy to complete.

How Clinical CPD™ Began

By Founder Elham Nia, DC

Several years ago, when I was looking for ways to earn my own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, I was disappointed to find that most of the available programs and seminars were either of no immediate relevance to my clinical practice or took me away from my patients and my family.

With a background in chiropractic education for many years, I was inspired to research and create materials that would augment my clinical competence. It then became a natural progression to transform this material into a format and platform that would make it available and useful to my colleagues too. Hence, my online educational programs were born in 2008.

I initially offered my courses to Chiropractors in Australia and New Zealand (www.cpdo.com.au). However, when colleagues from North America enquired about the availability of the courses in their jurisdiction, I decided to create the Chiropractic Online CE™ website and provide approved Continuing Education courses suitable for DCs in the United States and Canada (www.chiropracticonlinece.com). I am now pleased to offer my courses to my colleagues in the United Kingdom (www.clinicalCPD.co.uk).

Course Materials and Resources

Our course materials and resources have been developed and reviewed by a team of practitioners with extensive academic and clinical experience in musculoskeletal conditions. The courses have been designed to provide participants with the most up-to-date diagnostic procedures and interpretations, with content that has been compiled from evidence-based resources, including peer-reviewed journals, specialist organisations and authoritative texts. All courses include examples of patient presentations and help the participant to learn how a targeted clinical evaluation methodology with a problem-solving approach can be used to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in practice. The material also presents videos of special examination procedures, a set of questions to identify “red flags” and videos on how to perform a quick neurological screening examination to rule out serious pathology.

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Elham Nia, DC, BSc, Grad Dip Ed (Tertiary), MSc – Dr. Nia is the founder of Clinical CPD™. He graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1982, received a Master of Applied Science (Musculoskeletal Management) and a Graduate Diploma in Education in Australia. Dr. Nia was an undergraduate and postgraduate faculty member at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) for 14 years. He has conducted numerous postgraduate continuing education and professional development seminars and workshops on topics including spinal rehabilitation, diagnosis and management of myofascial trigger points, physical examination and therapeutic modalities. His presentations have been attended by a diverse range of healthcare practitioners including chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and general medical practitioners. For the last 15 years, his focus has been on the production of an extensive collection of online continuing professional development courses for chiropractors in Australia, New Zealand and North America. He is now pleased to offer the same high-quality online CPD courses to Chiropractors in the United Kingdom.

Michael Webb – BAppSc (Chiropractic), FACCS, GradDipEd (Tertiary)  – Dr. Webb graduated as a chiropractor from Preston Institute of Technology (now RMIT University in  Melbourne, Australia) in 1979. He has taught in the chiropractic program at RMIT for more than 40 years and is currently a sessional staff member. He is a co-author of the course materials at Clinical CPD™.

Mark Feldman, BA, DC, FICC – Dr. Feldman graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1984. He was an Associate Professor at New York Chiropractic College from 1985 to 1987 and a Senior faculty member at Central Queensland University from 2015 to 2016. He is a clinical instructor with Activator Methods International. He contributes to Clinical CPD™ as an adviser, reviewer and narrator for our clinical examination videos.

Rick Ames, BSc, DC, FACCS, ICSSP, FACC –  Dr. Ames graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1980. He has been a member of the faculty of the chiropractic program at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) since 1982 as a senior lecturer. He coordinated the sports chiropractic post-graduate programs for RMIT University and Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) in Australia. He contributes to Clinical CPD™ as a reviewer of course content.

Levent Efe, MD, CMI – Dr. Efe received his medical degree in Istanbul, Turkey in 1982. After four years in General Practice, he taught anatomy in the Marmara University Medical School in Istanbul, and artistic anatomy in the School of Fine Arts of the same university. He then undertook a fellowship in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1988. Dr. Efe is a certified member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA) and an active member of Illustrators Australia and Australian Cartoonists Association (ACA). Dr. Efe contributes to Clinical CPD™ as a medical illustrator.

Tom Molyneux, BAppSc (Chiropractic), DACBR, FACCR, Grad DipEd (Tertiary), FICC, FACC – Dr. Molyneux graduated as a chiropractor from RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) in 1981. He has been a member of the faculty of the chiropractic program at RMIT since graduation and is currently a senior lecturer in chiropractic radiology. He contributes to Clinical CPD™ as a reviewer of course content.